Streamline your business, deliver exceptional results

Say goodbye to endless spreadsheets and convoluted systems. Embrace efficiency with helloHQ.


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Reduce complexity

Our all-in-one agency software is designed to make running an agency easier and less complex, even as the agency grows with more clients, staff, projects, and locations.

Focus on your core business and improve the efficiency of your processes.

Achieve better results

Our software provides a simple and effective way to manage projects and allocate resources, enabling agencies to improve their processes and planning for better results.

Optimise your resources to achieve better results, leading to increased profitability and growth.

Improve decision-making

Our solution is user-friendly and easy to adopt, ensuring that all staff members can quickly access and understand complex information for better decision-making.

Equip your staff members with the tools they need to make informed decisions and benefit from better decision-making across all levels of your organisation.

Maintain a complete overview

Our software offers a helicopter view of key details for running teams, projects, and budgets, allowing agencies to immediately view simple data to stay healthy and grow.

Quickly identify areas for improvement and optimise your resources for growth and long-term success.

Agency software tailored to your needs

Easy to use

We designed our software with a maximum of usability in mind, so that it is accessible to all members of your staff.


Our software can be tailored specifically to your needs. No need for a generic one-size-fits-all solution.


Our software is made in Germany, and is trusted and enjoyed by leading clients worldwide.


Key details for running your business and managing your customers are always visible to you.

The all-in-one software that makes life easier for everyone in your agency

Dashboards & Controlling
CRM & New Business
Resource planning
Documentation system
Time tracking

2,000+ integrations, infinite possibilities


Connect 2,000+ apps with helloHQ


Integrate corporate credit cards


Connect project management & HR


Connect ticketing with project management


Synchronise appointments, tasks & contacts


Transfer incoming & outgoing invoices


Integrate project processes into liquidity planning


Link work management & agency control

Trusted by 700+ leading agencies

Don't take our word for it. Here's what our customers think:

"We chose helloHQ because it met our criteria best. Added to that were the services, such as great consulting and the onboarding, which finally convinced us."

Rolf Kosakowski



@ KB&B

"With helloHQ's project, workload and holiday planning, we were able to quickly adapt agency structures and avoid some growing pains."

Sönke Hansen


Founder & CEO

@ ameo

"From pitch to launch, the helloHQ team always made us feel like we could always reach them and find a solution to any problem."

Tanja Ressel-Nunheim


Operations Management

@ Möller Horcher

"When we started looking for agency software, we were still a small team. It was also important to us that the tool would evolve as our agency grew."

Imran Ayata




"helloHQ is constantly improving. We've been using the system for almost two years now and have already seen a relaunch, which was a visual as well as a technical highlight."

Kai Behr


Head of Marketing

@ IGA Optic

"With helloHQ, everything from project planning to project accounting can be done quickly and, above all, easily."

Iris Deiss


Back office

@ querformat



Billing occurs on a monthly basis. Users can be added at any time.

Per user per month



Onboarding that is tailored to your needs

Excellent support from the very start

Training, configuration, process analysis

Size S

Max. scope

8 h



Size M

Max. scope

12 h



Size L

Max. scope

24 h



Size XL

Max. scope

32 h



Size XXL

Max. scope




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